Hi dudes & dudettes! We just put out a mini-EP with 2 songs we recorded for “So Very Small” but that didn’t get mixed/mastered until recently. It’s a free download too!

welcome Chris Mac, our new bass player!

Week in Pop: Blooper, Desert Sharks, Diners, Painted Zeros | Goldmine Sacks | Impose Magazine

Read an interview with Adriano and listen to a track from our upcoming EP!


the new and improved blooper merch stand!


My pizza shirt from Blooper arrived and I was so happy I took a bunch of dorky photos of myself, of which I am only showing you three.

Adriano also included a bunch of CDs and a lovely note. I’m a very happy camper. The happiest camper.

They have a new CD coming out soon and they are the best, you should check out their jams and buy a pizza shirt.

blooperseattle theboycalledcrow

SHIRTS ARE HERE! Go get them on our Bandcamp!

New promo pictures by Trevor Crump!

To any labels  that might be following us, we have a new EP ready to go, we just need to find someone to put it out! Talk to us!

New buttons are here! Want one? Order a record or come see us play!

Happy valentines! Here’s a ~slow jam~ for all you lovers out there…